The Benefits of Livestreaming

In the world of AI, standing out as your most authentic self is more important than ever. 

Telling the story of your brand, your process, your unique viewpoints could mean the difference between standing out and winning the business or getting lost in an ever-growing cacophony of competing internet noise.

At DMG Digital, we call this “sharing your saga.” Your saga is your history, your vision, the story that is yours and yours alone; the music scoring everything your company does. 

Why is this so important? Because, for one thing, no AI can take that away. And for another, people want to do business with people, and more importantly, people they like. 

Our own DMG was founded by Nicole Donnelly, the daughter and granddaughter of entrepreneurs. Her grandfather was a motel owner and servant leader, inspiring her to bring the kind of care and consideration to her customers that she witnessed from him for years growing up. 

That’s our saga. 

Now, we help small business manufacturers hone in on and share their sagas with the world through live events catered to their specific brand, goals, and requirements. 

In this article, we’re highlighting the benefits of hosting live events with DMG Digital. 

We’ll be covering:

  • How to solve the visibility issue
  • How live events compare to other marketing tactics
  • Why live events bring the “fun factor”

How Live Events Solve Visibility Issues

Break Through the Noise

At the start of this article, we talked about the internet feeling like a cacophony of competing sounds. 

Don’t become just another note lost to the chaos. 

Many manufacturers have traditionally relied on word-of-mouth recommendations, but are finding it increasingly difficult to cut through the digital noise. Live events offer a unique platform for humanizing your brand and showcasing your thought leadership in a compelling manner.

You get to put your best face forward and explain what you do, how you do it, and what makes you unique, all while interacting with people in real-time, something other platforms don’t offer. 

In doing so, you’re setting yourself apart, letting your brand be the star of the show. 

Leapfrog the Competition

What's more, live events can help catapult you ahead of your competitors. 

While many businesses are still trying to figure out the best approach to digital marketing and wading through competing “best practices,” live events present a unique, scalable opportunity. They offer real-time engagement, the ability to promote in advance, and a chance to generate multi-purpose, evergreen content that can be optimized for search engines and repurposed across multiple channels.

Your event becomes a content repurposing machine for just an hour of your time.

Live Events Vs. Other Marketing Strategies

You might be wondering how live events are different from every other marketing tactic and best practice out there. In this section, we’ll compare live events to other, more traditional approaches to marketing your brand. 

Traditional PR and SEO Firms

Many businesses turn to SEO or traditional PR firms to manage their digital visibility. However, these agencies often lack the deep industry knowledge necessary to speak your language and resonate with your specific customer base. 

The disconnect between marketing expertise and product knowledge can result in diluted messaging and lost opportunities. Your customers are smart: they know when content is being mass-produced and isn’t speaking directly to them. 

Live Events are a Full Package

A live event is a “value bomb,” as the DMG team calls it. 

Live events provide:

  • SEO value
  • Real-time engagement
  • PR opportunities
  • Video clips
  • Social media posts 

…all while showcasing your brand's thought leadership.

The “Fun Factor”

In a post-COVID world, people are craving more from their work life. They don’t want to just check things off a to-do list and move on, they want connection from the time they spend in front of their computers.

What’s more, they want to be connected to a greater purpose and have fun while doing it. 

Our approach aims to make the business environment more enjoyable, which leads to a better customer experience as well. Live events are a great way to not just show your brand, but to have fun while doing it. We’ll help your personality shine with engaging questions, trivia about your company, and more, depending on your needs. 

The more fun your event, the more engaged the audience. At the end of the day, fun doesn't just attract audiences; it can also impact the bottom line.

Your Saga Deserves to Be Heard

Every business has a saga, an arrangement of stories, struggles, and victories over time. 

A live event is the platform you need to share that music. 

Our team is here to help you to break out of the day-to-day grind and share your story, your expertise, and your products with a broader audience in a way that is fun and productive. 

Ready to Go Live?

Are you ready to share your story, boost your confidence, and reach a larger audience with your message? Consider a specialized live event service that eliminates the noise and amplifies your impact.

Whether you're showcasing products, discussing solutions, or simply want to connect with your audience in a new and genuine way, we've got you covered. 

Ready to schedule your live event? Let's get started!

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