What's New with HubSpot

INBOUND 22 has brought many new and exciting product releases! 

This is one of the things I absolutely love most about HubSpot - they are constantly improving the platform.  Listening and taking the feedback they receive from customers to refine all the toolsets so you can serve your customers better!  

Here are some the latest and greatest HubSpot features that are either in beta or coming soon that you get to take advantage of:


Marketing Hub

  • New and improved Marketing Campaigns dashboard!
    • Get access to revenue attribution reporting in the Marketing Campaigns dashboard so you can see exactly how each marketing campaign we launch is impacting your bottom line and driving revenue growth.
    • Compare the performance of several campaigns against each other in one view
    • Get a holistic view on your campaigns through the new marketing campaign calendar that shows all campaign activities by day, week and month.
    • AND my personal favorite - customer journey analytics!  Get a snapshot of how your prospects and customers are engaging across the entire customer journey.  With detailed analytics on the various pathways customers take.  So you can identify where there are gaps in your customer journey that you can improve.


B2B Commerce

  • By far the most powerful and exciting step forward is HubSpot Payments.  Now available in the U.S., you can now create a true point of sale commerce solution for your customers by accepting payments through HubSpot forms, landing pages, links, quotes, and more. HubSpot payments will help you get paid faster, set up recurring payments.  Allows you to create custom payment links for your products and services.  And it integrates directly with Quickbooks and other accounting software.  So when someone makes a payment through HubSpot payment link, it will automatically create and pay an invoice in Quickbooks.  Without doing a thing!


Other New Features

  • WhatsApp Integration
  • Customizable card configuration in the CRM - now users can customize their card view in HubSpot
  • Data Management Dashboard - for Enterprise clients, get access to a data health dashboard that gives you clarity on duplication errors and more so you can easily identify and correct them
  • New Connect.Com - a community for HubSpot customers and partners to connect with each other!  


HubSpot is shifting from an ecosystem focused purely on content creation and distribution - to one that is focused on building community and more connected relationships with customers. 


More back and forth interaction and less one way communication.  It’s exciting to think about how we can start to create and cultivate community with you current customer database that will help to build a stronger connection and trust with your brand!


To get the full recap on all the exciting new features of the HubSpot ecosystem, check out this summary with videos on how these new features will work!


And if you need some help getting up to speed or talking through the new features and how to make the most of them for your org, let’s schedule some time to connect!  We can schedule a training call, and walk through the features together! 

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